Our plasters

Choose your finish from one of our five award-winning plasters: Loma™, Porcelina™, Lomalina™, Marittimo™, and Enjarre™. Each plaster finish brings its own unique texture, feel and appearance.

Loma ™

Loma™ is our original earth plaster and our best- selling product. It conveys the essence of suede through its sensuous matte surfaces. Made with reclaimed marble sand and multiple clays, our patented formula offers a remarkable breadth of surface possibilities.
Loma™ is the basecoat for our Porcelina™, Lomalina™ and Marittimo™ plasters.
It is also used as a second coat over our Loma™ or Enjarre™ plasters.
Approximately 16-20 mper 23kg. / 50 lb. bag (per coat).


Porcelina ™

Porcelina™ is satin-smooth and easily blended for a marble-like surface. This product is often compared to the Venetian plasters of Italy. The quality of Porcelina™ is similar to the "porcelain" ceramic for which it was named.
Porcelina™ is used as a second coat only.
Approximately 27-32 mper 23kg. / 50 lb. bag (per coat).


Lomalina ™

Lomalina™ integrates the best of two worlds...smooth porcelain-like finish combined with the luminous and subtle texture of Loma™. With the application ease of Loma™ and the silky softness of Porcelina™, Lomalina™ is a truly desirable finish. The plaster is our newest finish, released in February 2013.
Lomalina™ is used as a second coat only.
Approximately 18-22 mper 23 kg. / 50 lb. bag (per coat).


Marittimo ™

Marittimo™ is a name created with the sea (or "mar") at its core. Marittimo™ uses recycled, crushed shells from the U.S. Gulf Coast. This finish lends itself to a smooth waxy feel or a textured sand finish depending on your choice of application.
Marittimo™ is used as a second coat only.
Approximately 14-16 mper 23kg. / 50 lb. bag (per coat).


Enjarre ™

Enjarre™ (n-har-ray) is our only single-coat product. This application eliminates some of the labor and cost typically involved in finishing a wall. It can be applied to achieve a range of finishes, from semi-smooth to rustic or textured.
Enjarre™ can also be used as a basecoat for our other finishes.
Approximately 8-10 mper 28 kg. / 63 lb. bag (per coat).

Textures & Finishes

American Clay Earth Plasters can be finished to look like just about anything.
Below are just a few examples of effects that can be created with our products:

Hard Trowel: Using a trowel to polish the clay gives it a smoother feel.

Float Trowel: Using a float brings more of the sand to the surface, giving it a little rougher surface.

Skip Trowel: By not covering all of the base coat and letting some of it show through, you are skipping as much of the top coat as you would like. It can be a small amount or a lot.

Sponged: When you use a sponge to compress your wall, it gives it a suede look and brings out the sparkle of the marble sand.

Burnished: Especially on Porcelina™, burnishing, or highly polishing with a trowel, you are giving it a very smooth finish. You can burnish any of our types of clay.

Plaster with Mica Additive: Mica is a natural additive that gives added sparkle to your wall. We have both large and small Mica.

Plaster with Straw Additive: Straw adds an earthy look to your wall, similar to adobe.

Artistic Finishes: Your imagination is the only limit to the number of artistic finishes you can create.


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