Color Packs

If you have seen it in nature, you can find it here. No matter where you've been, we have a color to match your vision. With our standard and blended color options, there are many options available.

When you order a bag of our plaster, you will also need to order color, which you hand blend with the clay plaster to create the shade and consistency perfect for your project. The natural oxides and ochres used in our color packs ensure your finish will be naturally resistant to UV rays and will not experience the kind of fading normally associated with petroleum colorants and other finishes.

American Clay pigments are placed in individual packs that are pre-measured to be added to one 50 lb. bag of plaster (Loma™, Lomalina™, Porcelina™ or Marittimo™) or one 63 lb. bag of Enjarre™ plaster. Individual color packs will vary in weight depending on how much pigment is used to create that specific color. Our pigments are made in batches and every pack will have a batch number printed on the label. We do recommend using color pigment packs from the same batch. If this is not an option, simply batch multiple bags of clay plaster with the different batches of pigment in a large mixing bin to ensure color consistency.

How Our Colors Work

When selecting a color, keep in mind each of our finishes has a slightly different look even though the color pigment is the same. Before any pigment is added, our clays look like the "Base Plaster Color" called Snow Canyon (003). Simply add our pigments to the clay to recreate any of our colors.

Our standard colors are only the beginning of American Clay's color offerings, we also offer blended colors which make it easy for you to create a perfect palette for your project. Just select a color from our collection to be mixed with the clay plaster.

To Achieve Standard Colors

Mix your selected color pack into one bag of plaster.
Example: 1 color pack of Sugarloaf White mixed into 1 bag of plaster will achieve Sugarloaf White.

To Achieve Blended Colors

Follow formula listed with the color name and mix with one bag of plaster.
Example: 1 color pack of Sugarloaf White + 1 color pack of Acacia mixed into 1 bag of plaster will achieve White Plains.

Color Palette

To view the array of colors available with American Clay Earth Plasters, please download our Color Palette document below (PDF).
Download Color Palette now!

Product Brochure

To learn more about our entire product line including the color palette, download our Product Brochure below (PDF). This document is best viewed on a computer screen, however, keep in mind that every computer screen reads differently, which renders colors inaccurate. You may also request a Product Brochure below, mailed to you for free. Contact us or your local dealer for physical samples to aid in your color selection.
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Color Samples

If you would like to see a standard or blended color in person, we can produce and ship it to your home for review. In addition, small packets of the pre-colored dry plaster are also available at a low cost. To order, please contact American Clay Europe if you already know what you need. If you need a color consultation, please contact American Clay Europe at Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. .


Custom Colors

Don't see what you need? The creation of our new color blends and increased standard colors have reduced the need for custom color, although custom colors are still available. If you need something more specialized, we can prepare a custom color for your project. Keep in mind that custom color packs often carry a higher price than our standard colors, so be sure to take that into account in your planning process.

We can match most colors (we have many of the large brand US paint companies swatches and fan decks on file) or materials (like tiles, linens, etc.), although, using natural mineral pigments does lead to some limitations when attempting custom color matches. American Clay cannot match highly saturated, vibrant, and extremely bright or white colors without compromising the plaster with an overload of color pigment. Bright aqua / turquoise, fire engine red, or extremely bright white are examples of colors that cannot be achieved in our plasters with natural mineral pigments alone.


Product Brochure